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Lightbox is the most popular and most affordable type of illuminated signs in Ukraine

Lightbox is the most popular type of light advertising for companies. It looks perfect both in small rooms and in large production enterprises.

A professionally designed lightbox (advertising box) is not only a sign that decorates a store, beauty salon or office. It is also an effective and long-lasting way to attract passers-by to your premises. Therefore, it is significant to carefully analyze the needs of your customers and their preferences.

Are you starting a company? Already have a place, but don’t know how to distinguish it from the competition? Take advantage of an interesting offer from the specialists of the “DALI” marketing center. It is not only effective, but also durable outdoor light advertising, which highlights the place even in the dark. This is significant, especially in winter when it gets dark quickly and the street where we are is not well lit.

Now on the advertising market we can find many types of advertising light boxes. This is, among others, a sign in an aluminum frame or textile (made of a banner stretched on a special frame, which is illuminated from the middle), which are gaining more and more popularity. No matter what we choose for our company, it is worth making sure that it is designed according to the company’s colors and the latest trends and designs. The lightbox, thanks to its durability, will identify our premises for many years.

Professional installation? Only in a verified advertising agency!

Considering the development of your company, it is worth ordering the manufacture of a lightbox to an advertising agency that offers the installation of signs throughout Ukraine. This is significant if we plan to open new premises or stores in the future. It is also worth asking whether the advertising agency we have chosen provides maintenance services. Contrary to reliability, we cannot predict whether a random situation will occur that damages the sign.

“DALI” marketing center is a reliable advertising agency in Ternopil that meets all the above-mentioned characteristics. We have our own workshop where qualified workers will make a lightbox according to an individual design developed by our specialists, and also mount it. There is also a guarantee for all production signs, and we also fulfill orders in Ukraine and abroad.

The advantage of light boxes is that they are easy to mount – both our specialists and the customer can do it themselves. That is why we manufacture, provide safe delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad, and the installation is done by the client himself, or it is done by our advertising installation teams.

To summarize: Lightbox is an excellent choice for any room. Not only can you order advertising of the desired size, but you will also receive a guarantee that the light advertising will serve you for many years, creating company recognition. In addition, thanks to lighting systems, you not only save electricity, but also provide appropriate lighting for advertising, highlighting the premises after dark.

Are you looking for a professional outdoor advertising contractor, including light boxes, for your company? Advertising agency marketing center “DALI” offers the use of the latest technologies, original and durable materials, as well as installation throughout Ukraine, both in the development of the cassette and in its execution!

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