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We have been specializing for more than 15 years on outdoor advertising

The sign is the "face" of the brand. A quality sign can provide up to 60% of potential customers. Therefore, businesses should be very careful about outdoor advertising in their marketing activities.

We provide services:

All types of signs made by qualified specialists from quality materials are a profitable investment for the external identification of your brand. We also provide a comprehensive approach:
  • design;
  • measurements;
  • print;
  • manufacturing;
  • installation;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.
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Lightbox is the most popular type of light advertising. Advantages of this type of outdoor advertising:
  1. This is an illuminated sign;
  2. Affordable price;
  3. Ease of transportation and installation;
  4. The plot of the ad can be replaced without redesigning the design itself.
Order high-quality outdoor and indoor advertising with a guarantee. Details
Banners and posters are an inexpensive but effective form of advertising that can be changed frequently to inform people about your new services, promotions and discounts. We develop design, printing, installation or delivery of banners and posters throughout Ukraine. Contact our managers and they will provide you with free advice on materials, sizes, etc. Read more
Indoor advertising strengthens your brand, improves the corporate culture and the interior of your office. Signs, pointers, stands – an additional source of information for your customers. We provide manufacturing and safe delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad. Read more
For stores, outdoor advertising is one of the main factors in attracting visitors. And car advertising is your free brand promotion. We do branding for both national brands and private entrepreneurs at special prices in support of local entrepreneurship Read more
Advertising on billboards is a prestigious and effective form of advertising. We recommend using it to promote the brand, inform about discounts and promotions. We have the latest database of free advertising space, advertising design, printing and gluing of posters on billboards. Read more
In order for printed products to be effective, there must be a creative design, a properly technically prepared advertisement layout for printing, the right format and circulation must be selected. And, of course, the best price. Our managers will provide you with free consultations and coordinate the entire process: design, printing, delivery. Read more
Souvenir and POS products are an important direction in brand creation and promotion. Branded t-shirts, pens, bags, caps will contribute to a more loyal attitude of customers to your company and will form a corporate culture among employees. If you are participating in an exhibition, or you have a sales department in a shopping center, then POS products will come in handy: X-banner, roll-up or pop-up stand, racks for booklets, frames, flags, etc. We are a manufacturer of many types of souvenir and POS products, and we also have reliable suppliers and guarantee excellent quality and an affordable price Read more
Creative design, creative ideas for advertising, proper preparation for printing – all this is the work of our designers. We develop both one-time layouts and provide comprehensive development of the company’s identity and brand style. Read more
Our main advantage is our own workshop and qualified specialists who have undergone appropriate training and internships and love their work. We use only high-quality materials, have proven suppliers of components, and therefore provide a guarantee for all types of products. Also, when creating outdoor advertising, it is important to take measurements correctly. This especially applies to large signs, advertising structures and branding of shops and cars. Submit an application and our managers will include your order in the work plan after a preliminary free consultation Read more

We have been specializing for more than 15 years on outdoor advertising


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Our advantages:

Warranty on all types of products

Own workshop and skilled Specialists

Only high quality materials

Integrated approach - design, measurements, manufacturing


Оксана Бернацька
Оксана Бернацька
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Приємний персонал, классссна реклама, доступні ціни; особлива вдячність менеджеру Наталії;)
Віктор Гуру
Віктор Гуру
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Замовляли у них комплексну зовнішню рекламу: вивіску, брендування вікон, спотикачку і інтер'єрну вивіску. Зробили все вчасно і якісно: дизайн, виготовлення і монтаж. Рекомендуємо!
Виталий Долыняк
Виталий Долыняк
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Дуже вже хотілось встановити вивіску... Дякуємо маркетинг-центр «Далі» за виконану роботу(ви лучші!!!)
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Ні одної хвилини не пошкодували. Всі люди, які працюють у цій фірмі це ті які знаються на тому, що роблять це є спеціалісти своєї справи ...
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спасибо за практические советы по улучшению странички

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Store Sign

A quality sign can lead to 60% of potential customers. No matter how much money you invest in promoting the site, pages on social networks, but without a sign no one will find you. With the help of a sign you can influence the minds of consumers. If you like the sign – the customer will be interested in your brand and will want to come to you in a cafe / bar / restaurant / shop, etc. Read More