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Light and LED signboards

Illuminated advertising is a universal carrier of visual information - it is clearly visible day and night. We offer different types of illuminated advertising. We all know the saying that advertising is the engine of trade. To develop the company, celebrate its presence in a particular place and simply attract customers, you should take care of appropriate advertising. The light and LED advertising we offer provides excellent visibility, even after dark and from a great distance, and is an interesting element to remember.

Led advertising is a proven way to distinguish a company, store or office. We guarantee that you will reach a wide group of potential customers with the help of our illuminated advertising! Marketing center “DALI” produces different types of led advertising in accordance with their own projects and the client’s vision. Each illuminated advertisement is made of tested materials that guarantee the best quality. Our many years of experience allow us to offer LED advertising of any shape and size! Join our group of satisfied customers now.

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Today, people are imposing a very fast pace of life, they are constantly in a hurry to achieve certain results, which makes it difficult to communicate with them through advertising. At the same time, competition is growing in many industries. In order for advertising to be truly effective, it must be well thought out and, above all, visible. It turns out that the best solution is usually outdoor outdoor advertising. The LED advertising we offer should actually be spotted in the daily race to help the customer find a particular company and persuade them to buy or use the services.

You should pay attention to the many options when it comes to choosing the appearance of backlit advertising. Illuminated advertising can have different shapes, but also sizes and colors, attractive graphics with any content. In any case, it can be adapted to the needs of the company. The availability of a variety of high-quality materials and modern production technologies allow you to prepare the most complex advertising to make it really effective.

It should also be added that advertising that uses LED technology is much more visible than any billboard, sign or poster, and stronger due to strong building elements. At the same time, the costs of its implementation and maintenance are relatively low in relation to the achieved effects of application.


 We provide service services in case of one-time orders, as well as offer services in the system of long-term cooperation. In addition, we periodically review advertising to prevent major, costly repairs. It is also important to remember that the systematic maintenance of light and LED advertising can protect the environment from the danger of using an old or broken installation. In any case, we are at your disposal. Illuminated advertising can be serviced because it is not yet completely worn out, and its elements are largely suitable for further use. In this situation, you should not invest in creating new advertising. To save money, we recommend service. We service, among other things, advertising panels made of plexiglass, aluminum, dibond and vinyl canvas, as well as spatial letters made of aluminum or plexiglass.

As a well-known manufacturer of illuminated advertising, focusing on the quality and satisfaction of our customers, we guarantee that for production we use really strong materials, resistant to external factors, and for lighting – high-quality and energy-saving LED modules from proven companies. All this has the effect that illuminated advertising retains its original properties and excellent appearance for many years, and the costs associated with its operation are minimized.

For advertising lighting, we use modern technologies that allow you to produce aesthetic and attractive advertising, visible from a distance, regardless of external conditions, while maintaining optimal operating costs. Now advertising lighting is made by LED technology. The LED modules we use in the production of illuminated advertising provide uniform diffused light, thanks to which the advertising is perfectly visible at any time of the day and in any weather and at the same time does not hurt the eyes. In addition, advertising with LED backlighting is energy efficient, durable and hassle-free. LED advertising can be illuminated by different types of LED modules. Depending on the type and size of advertising, we use branded lamps and LEDs with different angles and ranges of lighting, only modules with waterproof housing in accordance with the standards. We also consider the color of the lighting. Depending on the graphic design and the effect we want to achieve, we choose LED lighting with a neutral white color, cold or warm or more yellow light. 

We focus on modern technologies that allow us to create extremely aesthetic illuminated advertising. Our products attract the attention of drivers and passers-by, regardless of the weather outside. We are flexible and implement every project offered by the client. Can’t imagine a backlit ad? Do not worry! The DALI marketing center will give you many effective ideas! Please contact us by phone or email.


The cost of the sign – this is the question most often of interest to our customers. It is simply unrealistic to say a specific amount at once, because everything has its price – the quality of materials, the size of the structure and its type, the type of lighting, as well as other elements that are used in the manufacture of signs. We will help you decide on the order and only then calculate its cost. The price can range from three hundred hryvnia and above. We offer an approximate list of materials for the manufacture of signs and approximate prices for them:


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