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Signboard to the pharmacy

The signboard is the "face" of the brand. A quality signboards can provide up to 60% of potential customers. Therefore, businesses should be very careful about outdoor advertising in their marketing activities.

How to attract customers?

Opening a pharmacy is always a good decision, because people get sick and need quality drugs at an affordable price. However, nowadays there are already many pharmacies. And every entrepreneur has a question, how to attract a customer? Specialists of the marketing center “Dali” – a full-cycle advertising agency will help to solve this problem and answer this question. Remember – the most important thing in a new business is to provide visible outdoor advertising that will be remembered at first sight!

What should be in outdoor advertising?

Pharmacy advertising is, first of all, an individual exterior design that will demonstrate the advantages of your institution: professionalism of the staff, good organization, solid image and loyal attitude to visitors.

темна вивіска на аптеку
на фото зображено голубу вивіска на аптеку
на фото: світлова вивіска на аптек
на фото: вивіска на амбулаторію-великі гаї


If you do not have a sign with a prominent name and logo, you will not be trusted. When opening a pharmacy business, allocate a part of the budget for outdoor advertising. A prominent sign will attract customers, and if it is still glowing, flickering or changing, it will be a “bomb”.

Our advertising agency has excellent opportunities to promote your medical business: from developing an effective advertising concept to its quality implementation. We will help you create a unique marketing project for your pharmaceutical company that will be different from the competition. And this is especially important nowadays, given the large number of pharmacy companies. We produce outdoor advertising with a guarantee for local stores, pharmacies, companies, as well as for national and international brands such as: Kyivstar, McDonalds, Ringoo, Foxtrot. Our works have already been evaluated in Belgium, Poland, Italy, Spain and other European countries. We have our own workshop that produces high-quality outdoor advertising lighting. Entrust the design of your pharmacy to our specialists!

During the development of the advertising campaign, our specialists take into account a wide range of details: branding, lighting in the room, interior design. And thanks to such meticulousness in the end your pharmacy or the whole network of establishments will be allocated by the individual unforgettable style. Our high-quality advertising structures are able to attract a large number of consumers – including the wealthy. Dali Agency offers pharmacy advertising using a set of marketing tools that have already proven their effectiveness in the pharmaceutical market.

Remember, a drugstore is a specialized store that you visit on the way home or to work. Thus, the task of the owner is to attract the attention of passers-by and residents of adjacent houses to his institution. You should not save on a pharmacy sign and as one of the options – led advertising. Ask why they are? And everything is very simple – in winter, for example, it gets dark early, and the usual sign will be invisible. Traditional neon looks beautiful, but it is not cheap and fragile. Our company offers a solution to this problem in the manufacture of outdoor advertising. This is LED neon. Signs from it look no worse than expensive designs, cheaper in price, and will last a long time, because it is made of durable materials. The average customer of the difference will not see it for sure!

Classic lamps have their drawbacks: fragile – often masters during installation and maintenance damage them, they are difficult to network – you need a high-voltage transformer, such lamps consume a lot of energy. In addition, they are interconnected, if one element fails, the next one also goes out and you need to replace both). At work, they can overheat, and this is a danger of damage, can engage and explode). On the one hand, the classic lighting is beautiful, and on the other hand, it has serious shortcomings…

LED-neon is a new technology in illuminated outdoor advertising. This is a high-quality shock-resistant and moisture-resistant material at an affordable price. The neon sign consists of a glass tube with gas (neon), at the ends of which electrodes are soldered. When current is applied to the electrodes, a chemical reaction occurs, as a result of which the tube emits a beautiful, uniform light. Due to the

fact that the tube is made of glass, you can bend the neon letters and / or logo. Such signs are popular. LED-neon advertising literally beckons with its magical light.


The cost of the sign – this is the question most often of interest to our customers. It is simply unrealistic to say a specific amount at once, because everything has its price – the quality of materials, the size of the structure and its type, the type of lighting, as well as other elements that are used in the manufacture of signs. We will help you decide on the order and only then calculate its cost. The price can range from three hundred hryvnia and above. We offer an approximate list of materials for the manufacture of signs and approximate prices for them:


We have worked with

сірий логотип macdonald's
сірий логотип samsung
сірий логотип Фокстрот
сірий логотип Kyivstar
сірий логотип ringoo
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