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Car branding is an effective type of advertising

Advertising in public places is now very effective. Billboards are usually placed on the walls of buildings or special structures. To stand out from the competition, you should consider other ways to promote your brand. One of them is car design. Undoubtedly, this form of advertising has unlimited coverage – it allows you to reach a wide audience. So, how does car branding work? Which material to choose? We will answer these and many other questions in this article!

Advertising on the car – how to do it right?

Getting into a company car, we will definitely travel hundreds of kilometers, so it is important to make sure that advertising attracts the attention of potential customers. The project does not have to be on the surface of the whole car. In some cases, all you need is an interesting, eye-catching logo in a prominent place. It all depends on our expectations and the target group we want to reach. If our main goal is to raise brand awareness, we need to put its name on the car. However, when we wish to present our proposal, we should think about creative graphic design.

When writing advertising text, we will try to include only the most important information. Most often it is the brand name and contact information. The ad must contain the name of the website or the address of the company. The placement of the text and the corresponding colors of the project are of great importance. Advertising must be transparent, aesthetic and legible. It is critical in which parts of the vehicle it will be placed. Remember that first it should be a visible place. Otherwise, your advertising may be ineffective. It is worth making every effort to ensure that the design is of the highest quality. Therefore, it is best to entrust this task to the marketing center “NEXT”.

How does film branding work?

Film branding is not only a change in the look of the car, but also a great advertising tool. Undoubtedly, this activity requires proper precision, accuracy and experience. When branding a car, it is easy to make mistakes, which can negatively affect the final visual effect. So, how does film branding work step by step?

First, it is necessary to prepare the ground, which in this case is the body of the vehicle. There should be no dents or scratches on the paintwork. Very often you have to disassemble the protruding elements, such as a handle or antenna. If the car is thoroughly prepared, you can start gluing the film.

An indispensable tool for car branding is a heat gun. This device will help us to warm up a film that, undoubtedly, will facilitate its gluing on a car body. The heated film can be stretched and shaped in any way, thus creating a dream design.

To accurately brand the car, the film must first be cut. This will definitely improve the whole gluing process. Of course, you have to remember to save the field. This will make the sticker fit snugly on the sides. After cutting the film, it should be heated again – preferably to a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. This activates the glue under the film. Wait 24 hours after branding the car. It is important that the car be always in the room where the processing was carried out. After this time, the car is ready for operation.

Why should you brand your car with film?

  • Advertising film allows you to change the appearance of the vehicle.
  • Advertising on the car allows you to reach new customers not only in our city but also abroad.
  • Branding a car with film is a one-time expense and a constant promotion of our company.
  • Effective car advertising helps to increase brand awareness and will undoubtedly be remembered by many recipients.
  • The protective film is completely safe for a paint and varnish covering, and also in addition protects a car body from damages.
  • The film retains its properties for up to 10 years. It does not fade, is resistant to adverse weather conditions and mechanical damage.


The use of the car as a means of outdoor advertising has become very popular recently. No wonder – because the vehicle can reach almost anywhere in the world, thus creating an effective promotion of our brand. Proper project preparation is critical. Remember that the project should contain only the most important information about the company. Advertising must be transparent and legible for each client. In addition, it is also important to choose the right film. The appearance of our car depends on it.

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