History of the development of FOREIGN ADVERTISING

17 Oct 2019

The emergence and development of FOREIGN ADVERTISING dates back to ancient times, when thousands of years ago the Egyptians used high stone obelisks to “publish” laws and treaties. People needed information, and as early as 1450 – Johann Guttenberg invented a printing press, which was the beginning of replication of flyers and advertisements.

Today, the civilized world is actively struggling with the advent of advertising constructions, which often assume the role of spatial dominant in the middle-ground environment, usually offsetting the principles of building an architectural environment, street ensembles, squares or traffic interchanges. Outdoor advertising is an environment that cannot be ignored.

Today, the concept of “advertising” has several definitions, the most common are:

  • type of marketing communication, dissemination of prepaid information to attract a product (service, company or organization) or potential consumers of commercial or information products;
  •  information that is disseminated in various ways by various means, addressed to a wide range of people and to attract attention to the object of advertising.

Advertising promotes interest in the product and promotes it in the market

In 1835, Jared Bell, an American, used large posters to “promote” his circus. It was actually the invention of the billboard.

The invention of Thomas Edison in 1879 influenced the evolution of advertising by creating a light bulb. The posters were illuminated in the dark. New advertising tasks have given impetus to the development of new media such as cinema, radio and television.

Rapid development in the XX century. Radio and television is a new step in advertising. The most notable successes in advertising development occurred in the United States. The most massive newspapers, the largest radio stations and well-known TV channels appear there. Monopolies, by influencing consumers, spend more and more money on advertising, investing them in the economic base for the development of the mass media themselves. We can assume that the development of modern Ukrainian advertising began in 1991, but unlike in foreign countries, it was wavy – that is very fast and dynamic, very slow. This, in turn, led to a slowdown in Ukraine’s advertising market against other countries.

With the advent of foreign goods on the domestic market, the advertising market has started to grow rapidly over the last decade. Overall after 2000 the Ukrainian advertising market has grown at the fastest pace in Europe.

Traveling with the evolution of OUTDOOR ADVERTISING, we came to installing our first digital billboards in 2005.

Outdoor advertising is an advertisement aimed at reaching many consumers of advertising: signs, boards, advertising on transport, etc.

Later, a distinction was drawn between concepts such as “signage” and “advertising”. This is one of the major innovations of 2008. Signs or plaques are not considered advertising unless they contain the following information:

  • registered name of the person;
  • signs for goods and services belonging to a certain person;
  • type of activity of the person (if it does not follow from the registered person name);
  • work time.

For signs and plaques not to be recognized as outdoor advertising, they should be located only on:

the inner surface of the room or the person given use of the room;

the exterior surface of the house or structure not higher than the first floor;

the floor where the room is owned or given to the person;

at the entrance to such premises.

The rapid development of the outdoor advertising industry in Kyiv has made it possible, in a few years after the “new birth” of this advertising industry, to be the largest outdoor advertisement included in the Guinness Book of Guinness (Unilever, “Organics”).

Therefore, outdoor advertising for an advertiser is first and foremost a channel of communication with its end consumer, by placing an advertising image on different designs and buildings. And most likely, the emotional impression of passing people depends on the quality of the sign and its design. But most importantly, outdoor advertising for the consumer is a source of information about various services, as well as a convenient navigation system in the big city.

Every successful company needs a signboard and also different types of its construction!

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