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Branding machines

Branding machines or in other words advertising on transport, this kind of advertising is considered an effective budget method to promote your brand.
There are several types of transport advertising:

  • Advertising on public transport (unique advertising images on trams, trolleybuses, buses, minibuses);
    Advertising on corporate transport (cars, trucks, beads, trucks, vans, cisterns, cargo refrigerators);
    Advertising on your own car.

Advertising on public transport boards can be considered “billboard on wheels”. Vivid layouts attract the attention of consumers, a taxi passes hundreds of kilometers a day and covers several areas of the city. The whole city learns about your goods and services! The dimensions are limited only by the size of the vehicle itself.

Placing advertising outside or inside the vehicle of information that is constantly in motion is, in fact, itself going to a potential customer. Unlike television and radio ads, it does not cause irritation for potential customers. Logos, trademarks, emblems, promotional images, contact information can all be driven on the roads of the city and country.

Advertisements on the back windshield of the taxis attract the attention, first, of the drivers of the vehicles. At the traffic lights, in the narrow streets, moving behind the taxi, all drivers pay attention to your advertising. Thus, the flyer is constantly working, attracting the attention of not only drivers but also pedestrians.According to the research, advertising and urban transport are effective: according to the research, the average recognition of companies is 31% of respondents in the streets of the city; the number of companies is 27%.

Given that advertising on vehicles is a form of outdoor advertising, such advertising is subject to all general advertising restrictions (sections 8 and 10 of the Law on Advertising) and restrictions on the advertising of certain groups of goods. For example, section III of the Advertising Law sets restrictions on the advertising of medicines, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, weapons. Compliance with these restrictions is also mandatory when advertising on vehicles.

An important point is that the advertisement on the vehicle should not exceed half the area of the painted outer surfaces of the vehicles on which it is affixed. Advertising shall not interfere with the visual perception of the color of the vehicle indicated in the vehicle’s registration documents.

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